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What is eMyCar-Monitor?

This is a free car care & fleet management software for Windows to easily manage all vehicle related information.

Who is eMyCar-Monitor for?

This is a perfect solution for home and business users as well.

Why eMyCar-Monitor?

Because this is
*absolutely FREE: it requires only a quick and simple online registration. No cost, no limitations, no advertisements.
*all-in-one: it contains all necessary functions to maintain all vehicle related information and stores them in only one database.
*easy-to-use: it is simple and has user-friendly design, modular structure.
*modern database: it uses a local SQL database which can directly store attachments also.
*supported business use: it supports multi-user and network mode, separate sites and locations, access rights for modules per users.  

Are you looking for a software to manage all costs and activities of your vehicle within only one application? You have found that! And it is FREE!
With more than 10 years of experience in car care software development and more thousands downloads during the years, I have a solution for you! This solution is the eMyCar-Monitor which has been developed for tracking as much information related to any motorized vehicle as possible, e.g. cars, motorcycles, trucks, flights, boats or power machines.
eMyCar-Monitor includes all essential elements which are needed to manage vehicle information for home users or small business as well. Additionally it includes all important functions, which were part of MyCar-Monitor and mcAutoTrack, as this application is the common successor of them. Because of this, it is able to import databases of both applications.
Most of us, who care about their cars, only record two or three main things, fuel consumption, services and additional costs, but it provides more.
Main modules are: vehicle data, employee, contact, document, part list, purchase order, part stock, service item, reminder, fuel, expense, internal message, reports, income, accident, breakdown, service, service plan, work order, tire, trip, note and others.
eMyCar-Monitor is a complete solution for vehicle owners at home and in business as well.


Main features of eMyCar-Monitor

General functions

Some modules of this group
- people
- partner
- document
- reminder

Vehicle specific functions

Some modules of this group
- vehicle data
- fuel
- tire
- trip
- accident, breakdown
- expense, income


Maintenance specific functions

Some modules of this group
- purchase order
- parts,partlist,stock
- service,
- service item and plan

Calculators and Reports

Some modules of this group
- calculators
- depreciation
- loan
- querymaker
- reports


Please choose the format you need and click on the download link!

Unversal Windows

This installation can be used for any Windows operating systems. Setup file will detect which type of installation is needed.

Windows 32 bit

This installation can be used for Windows 32 bit operating systems.

Windows 64 bit

This installation can be used for Windows 64 bit operating systems.

Windows Portable

After extraction this "zip" file and can launch eMyCar-Monitor without installation.

How eMyCar-Monitor looks?

Look at the pictures below to get an impression about eMyCar-Monitor design and content!

How eMyCar-Monitor works?
Watch the video below to learn more about eMyCar-Monitor.!

Do you need support?

Please use our forum to ask support, or read the userguide, or submit a ticket via our help desk system!

eMyCar-Monitor userguide


You can find a description about eMyCar-Monitor in pdf format

eMyCar-Monitor forum


You can find a forum page where you can read or comment the exisiting topics or start a new one

eMyCar-Monitor YouTube video

Youtube video

You can watch a short video to learn about how eMyCar-Monitor works

eMyCar-Monitor Help desk and bug report submission

Help desk system

You can submit a help desk ticket about the bug you have found or read our knowledgebase



Should you have any questions, comments feel free to contact us.

About Me

I am developing applications just a hobby during my freetime. Most of them are simple database application which were developed for myself but later on I decided to make them available for public.

They are freeware, but a simple registration is required in order to see the popularity of them. Sorry for this. In case of any question, proposal or comment, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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